YA Outside the Lines

Saturday, November 27, 2010

I break tradition
Sometimes my tries
Are outside the lines

We've been conditioned
To not make mistakes
But I can't live that way, no

YA Outside the Lines is one of my favourite blogs.  It is a blog by authors of young adult fiction pushing the boundaries and writing from the heart

It is a great place to learn more about your favourite authors and why they write the stories they do.  Tara  Kelly author of Harmonic Feedback (one of my favourite books) just did this wonderful post.  Here is a little bit from it:
'Now every time I write a book, I look through that box. It’s weird how a pair of jeans or an old note from a friend can put me right back in the moment. Almost like I’m living it all over again.
I write for the freaks. The kids who come from tough homes. The kids who feel like they don’t fit anywhere. The kids who use art to express themselves. The kids who don’t know who they are or what they want to do. The kids who just want someone to ‘get it’. It’s my hope that one of my books will inspire them to write one of their own. Because I know they have a lot to say…'

It also a good places to keep up to date with author events and books news.  Here is a list of all the amazing authors involved:
So drop by YA Outside the Lines and get to know your favourite authors a little better.  Big thanks to Cass at Words on Paper who brought this blog to my attention. 


Cass said...


I love the blog too. It's such an inspiring and fresh new author blog that I think lots of readers and fellow bloggers and authors will be able to enjoy and relate to its content.

I'm so dying to read Harmonic Feedback. I'm hoping my Secret Santa sends me a copy! >__< *cough cough, if my SS is out there, hear my pleas!!*

Alix said...

Thanks for sharing this, I'd never heard of it and it looks great.

Harmonic Feedback is one f my favourite books too. I can't wait for C-side Tales.

Melissa (i swim for oceans) said...

Thanks for posting this! I probably wouldn't have known about it otherwise. Wendy Delsol is definitely one of my favourite authors, so I was SO glad to see her on the list! :)

Jenny said...

Wow, what a cool site! Thanks so much for sharing this, I can't wait to go spend some time there:)

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