Faves of 2011 so far - The Scenes & The Random

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Over at the awesome Inkcrush, Nomes is doing a half yearly list of her favourite books so far.  They are 3 different lists The Books, The Charactersand The Scenes & The Random.  The books are any books you have read in 2011 so far regardless of what year they were published.  

the scenes
1. best first chapter
Stay by Deb Caletti ~ completely captivated instantly. Same with Divergent by Veronica Roth.

2. best climax -
Shadowfever books by Karen Marie Moning. Followed by Divergent by Veronica Roth.

3. best ending
Where She Went by Gayle Forman.

4. best plot twist/revelation (no spoilers!)
Any of the Fever books by Karen Marie Moning ~ such an unpredictable plot. 

5. scariest/most disturbing scene
Grace by Elizabeth Scott ~ Grace's world under the dictatorship of Keran Berj and life as an Angel, a suicide bomber.

6. steamiest scene (or sweetest/sexiest kiss award) -
Shadowfever by Karen Marie Moning ~ All I have to say is nekkid Barrons eating a mango and it dripping all over him O.o. Followed extremely closely by Saving June by Hannah Harrington ~ the hotel scene. Then Playing Hurt by Holly Schindler ~ the shower make out scene.

7. best swoon-worthy moment
Pg 219 of Saving June by Hannah Harrington. Don't want to spoil it for you but it made me melt.

8. biggest nail-biting moment
The Fever series by Karen Marie Moning again. Followed by Divergent by Veronica Roth.

9. most hilarious scene -
This Side of The Grave by Jeanine Frost where Kat talks about how there is only one fat part of Bones body *wink wink*. I couldn't stop laughing. I had to put the book down and walk away for a while and compose myself. Also Slice by Steven Herrick ~ the camping trip and so many more moments.

10. most heart-breaking/tear-jerker moment -
Sweethearts by Sara Zara ~ What happened to Jenna and Cameron when they were kids.  Followed by But I Love Him by Amanda Grace ~ Connor and Ann's relationship.

the random
1. fave first sentence
Fury by Shirley Marr. "My name is Eliza Boans and I am a murderer."

2. fave book title -
This Gorgeous Game by Donna Freitas - Simple, elegant and powerful like the book. 

3. fave reading experience (ie: created a great reading memory)
Reading It's Not Summer Without You by Jenny Han with Nomes of Inkcrush. We had a great time discussing all the swooning. Followed by Saving June by Hannah Harrington with Nomes again and Jess from Tales of Compendium.

4. book with the best food in it (made me so crazy-envious-hungry) - 
Sixteenth Summer by Michelle Dalton. ICE CREAM! Followed by the peanut butter scene in Saving June by Hannah Harrington (and I don't like peanut butter lol).

5. book with the most sensual weather (made you shiver/sweat)
Sixteenth Summer by Michelle Dalton. You felt like you were at the beach.

6. most embarrassing book cover (feeling sheepish in public)
The Ex Games by Jennifer Echols. It makes it look like a tween book and well I am not a tween. Also Ten Things I Did (and probably shouldn't have) by Sarah Mylnowski. Too kissy for public!
7. can’t believe you waited this long to read the book (!)
Heist Society by Ally Carter and Graceling by Kristen Cashore. Both I had on my shelf for a year!

Thanks to Nomes for coming up with this awesome list. And sorry about the spacing again. Blogger troubles.


Misha said...

Absolutely agree with Stay and Fury - both amazing books! Fury has the most attention grabbing first sentence ever!
Saving June and Heist Society are two books which I really want to read.

Flannery (The Readventurer) said...

Come on, Nic, who doesn't like peanut butter? I had to pick Dreamfever for steamiest scene since I haven't *gasp* read #5 yet. I'm so ashamed:) Can't wait for those mangoes. Great picks! Must.read.Saving June.

Jess - The Tales Compendium said...

High Five Nic! Saving June *sigh*

Where She Went has been doing well for best ending :) I mean, how could it not?! ;)

And I love the first sentence of Fury.

Yay. Have loved this feature. The end of the year lists are going to be EPIC

Ange said...

Great post!!! I went out and bought Saving June, I couldn't wait to read it after all the great comments you have written about it. Thanks!!

Melissa (Books and Things) said...

Oh man! Can you believe I have Shadowfever and TSOTG on my tbr and haven't been able to get to it yet? This makes me want to just sit and read those no matter what review book needs reviewing! Oh I so need Saving June. *sigh*

Lucy (The Secret Life of Books) said...

Great post. I'm definitely adding Saving June and Divergent to my TBR list. Thanks!

Audrey (holes In My brain) said...

*le sigh* I love the ending for WSW, so perfect. And This Gorgeous Game! Why haven't I read that yet!! And man, I need to get my hands on Saving June or I"ll die of anticipation. great list!! :)

Savannah said...

This is a great list! I totally agree with all of them. Though I have not read Shadowfever which I may have too now. I need to know what happens!

Anonymous said...

I have the firmly held belief that the 'guy' in the cover of 10 Things We Did is a girl with photoshoped stubble. :P

this was a lovely list, and it seems like I need to check Slice! :D I hadn't heard much about it until these list but now I'm intrigued.

Jenny said...

"All I have to say is nekkid Barrons eating a mango and it dripping all over him O.o"

Perhaps the greatest scene in a book ever. Anything with a nekkid Barrons is pretty memorable. *swoon* I really can't wait to read Saving June, it's been all over your favorites list and I want in on it!

A Canadian Girl said...

Aah, you're killing me with Saving June. I also now need to get my hands on a copy of Playing Hurt which is on my wishlist so I can check out these scenes that you loved.

Jen (Makeshift Bookmark) said...

So what you're telling me is that I need to read the Fever series? ;)

Missie, The Unread Reader said...

I was going to say something brilliant but then you said, "nekkid Barrons eating a mango" and my mind went to other places!


Missie, The Unread Reader said...

Oh yeah.

Nic! Great minds think alike and all of that! Yes, we share many favorite scenes and that makes me so happy. The Ten Things cover freaks me out because the girl looks older than the guy. He looks like a baby! Gah!

And I need to read Saving June already! Great list. So glad you finally read Heist Society. Isn't W.W. Hale the fifth just full of awesome?!

bibliophile brouhaha said...

Hahaha, oh Barrons, I love that scene! And he was just so damn blunt about it, too, when they first got to the room and he was arranging pillow? Ohhh, and the shower??? Love it, and love your pics.


Miss Page-Turner said...

I love seeing Divergent on your faves list:) And I cannot wait for my copy of Saving June to arrive!

Miss Page-Turner said...

I love seeing Divergent on your faves list:) And I cannot wait for my copy of Saving June to arrive!

Alix said...

Ah loved Divergent! I am so excited for Saving June and page (219 is it?)

I completely agree about Grace, I couldn't stop thinking about that book for months, it was chilling and so brilliantly done.

Every time I hear This Gorgeous Game I think football book :) ~ but it really does sound good, I must try and track it down.

Small Review said...

Ooh, Graceling, really? I still haven't read it even though I love high fantasy. Don't know what I'm waiting for :P

Jenny N. said...

I bought a copy of Sweethearts this week and now I know I'll probably be crying when I read it.

Abbey said...

arggh i am kicking myself! i have to read Saving June and playing hurt!
oh and the hiest society, you are not good for my bank balance.
and although i really liked the ex-games i have to say the cover is very embarrassing, lucky i had it on kindle!
I love cat and bones they have the funniest scenes.
so many good books, i'm drooling!

Vee said...

Great list! So many of my favourites of 2011 are up here (Divergent! Slice! Where She Went!). And some others that I have yet to read and am dying to -- especially But I Love Him and Saving June :).

Julie said...

Must read Divergent soon!! Can't wait for Saving June! Btw...don't know if I told you but love the new look!

Jan von Harz said...

Huge huge fan of Morning's series so can totally agree with your addition of it on several of the lists. Am dying to read Saving June after reading how much you and Nomes loved this one (sighs deeply) but have a while before I can get this one. Also would have to include Divergent as a fav this year too.

Alyssa Kirk said...

Divergent has made so many lists and well deserved. Love Fury's first line. Graceling is one of my ultimate favorites! Fabulous list!

Lesley said...

I now really, really want to read Saving June it's not available in the UK yet it sounds so good, I've added it onto my wishlist. Thanks for highlighting it to me.

Melissa @ Book Nerd Reviews said...

This is SUCH a great post (this and the characters one before it). You've read some of the same books as me, as well as a lot of books I haven't heard of but sound amazing - you've inspired me to want to borrow out some of those books from the library, so thank you!! New follower. :)

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

I really have to read Stay! I have heard many praise of it. And I will read Divergent soon. I have bought it but haven't read it.
Saving June seems really great. It appears many times in the post. But I have to wait until Nov...
And I am currently reading Heist Society. It's good so far.
Thanks for sharing all these awesome books.

Unknown said...

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