My Book Boyfriend #2

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My Book Boyfriend is hosted by the awesome blogger Missie at The Unread Reader.   What is My Book Boyfriend you might ask.  Well it is a weekly meme where we talk about a literary crush including stats, a picture of what you imagine he looks like and some quotes from him that make you swoon.  If you are interested in participating please check out Missie blog The Unread Reader.

Name: Ryan (from Raw Blue)
Age: 26
Interests: Surfing

"The air around him is snap frozen.  He in his mid-twenties, his face so shut off and wary I wonder what's happened to him."

Ryan 'mate' is a the nicest (and sexiest) guy.  He is a former bad boy who is now on the the right path.  What I liked about him was that he wasn’t letting his past dictate his future and that he never gave up on Carly when a lot of guys would have said it too hard.

"I bury my face in my hands.  And then Ryan does such a nice thing.  He wraps his arms around my shoulder and pulls me against him.  I can feel his body heat through his cotton T-Shirt, and directly in front of me are the worn, faded knees of his cotton jeans.  But most of all, I can smell him.  And he smells sandy-warm, like a beach."

Ryan is from one of my favourite books Raw Blue by Kristy Eagar.  He plays Carly's love interest.  See my review here.  I picked Taylor Kitsch as my Ryan because he is absolutely gorgeous.

"He doesn't tell me.  He place his beer on the table beside him, reaches across for mine and puts it down too. 'Come here.'"

"He exhales, then leans forward, reaching under the table to hold my knee.  'I didn't mean it like that.  I want to be here.  You know what I kept thinking about while I was away? When we went for a surf the morning after - how I felt coming back up the beach with you afterwards.  I was just thinking, How good is this?'''

Ryan is probably not a well known character as Raw Blue is an Aussie title.  So I was wondering who are some of your favourite literary crushes that are less well known?  Who should I meet? 

A big thank you to Missie for hosting this meme!


Tina said...

WOW- he is beautiful, reminds me of summer...:D

Great pick you and Missie always find the hot ones!!

Misha said...

Ooohh! This reminds me that I need to read Raw Blue ASAP so that I can get to meet Ryan....

Elodie said...

I agree, Taylor Kitsch is gorgeous !! I haven't read Raw Blue though, I'm going to check it out on Goodreads !! =)

Missie said...

"I was to be here," coming from a guy that looks like Taylor Kitsch! *dies*

This book has been on my TBR forever! I really can't wait to get my hands on it. Hopefully soon because I love bad boys turned good guy!

Jenny said...

*swoon* I have such a crush on Taylor Kitsch, you have fabulous, fabulous taste Nic! I'm really excited to read Raw Blue, I've heard so many good things, and now I'll be picturing Taylor while reading *head desk*:)

bibliophile brouhaha said...

Ahhhhh!!! i totally have a crush on him, too!!!!! Love your choice!!! I am joining this meme, stat, and this hottie is so my pick for next week!

-Linds, bibliophile brouhaha

Lisa said...

I think this guy has better hair than most women I know. I must say I'm a little jealous, but not enough to stop staring.

A Simple Love of Reading said...

I think I like this guy...*swoon*

Thanks for sharing!

Lexie said...

Aw man another Aussie title I want to pick up...(seriously my AU wishlist is reaching drastic proportions. Pretty soon I'll just have to buy a plane ticket and visit, it'll be cheaper than shipping!) And that man is gorgeous! I love guys who can rock a shaggier hair style you know?

My guy is from an older YA paranormal series called 'Night World'. Its Ash. I love my Ash ::sigh::

My book boyfriend, Ash Redfern

Alexa said...

Still dying to read this one, it sounds amazing! I love this post and your photos, so much fun.

I'm currently falling under the spell of Robin in Sonya Sones What my Mother Doesn't Know. I <3 him

Melissa (Books and Things) said...

Oh, handsome. Very nice. :D I need to read this book now. :)

Melissa (i swim for oceans) said...

*fans self* can I date your book boyfriend?! I'm on tour for this book, and I can't WAIT to read it! :)

Julie said...

Nice! I love Taylor Kitsch! I would to read this book :D Great scene!

Cozy in Texas said...

I stopped by your blog today - love the layout.

Nomes said...


and he is one of my all time faves. he is so genuine, he seems like the absolute truth ~ not fictional at all.

just scrolling through all the posts i've missed. your blog really is AMAZING! such quality stuff. loved the pink Aussie covers and lots of others posts but to exhausted to comment on them all :)

xo Nomes

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