My Book Boyfriend #29 - Jack Pallas

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

My Book Boyfriend is by the awesome blogger Missie at The Unread Reader.   What is My Book Boyfriend you might ask.  Well it is a weekly meme where we talk about a literary crush including stats, a picture of what you imagine he looks like and some quotes from him that make you swoon.  If you are interested in participating please check out Missie blog The Unread Reader. 

This week's pick is:
Jack Pallas 

He made quite an impression on her the first time he and his partner walked into her office.  Cameron suspected nearly everyone who meet Jack Pallas had the same reaction: with predatory brown eyes, nearly black hair, and dark facial scruff, he looked like the kind of guy that women-and-men-should avoid in dark alleys. 

Described as "tall, dark and scowling".  Jack Pallas, a FBI agent, ticks all the boxes for me.  He is strong, witty, stubborn, gorgeous, protective, loyal, sexy, loves to read and rides a motorbike.  YUM!

"We should go," Jack finally said.  He needed to get out of that office before he did something they both regretted.
She nodded, turned back, and unlocked the deadbolt.  She grabbed the doorknob....then stopped.
Jack waited for her to open the door.  When she didn't he reached around her, placing his hand over hers.  "Cameron, we have to get out of here," he said in a guttural voice.
"I know."
Still, neither of them moved.  Jack took his hand off hers and moved it to the deadbolt.
He knew he shouldn't.
But he locked the door anyway.
He heard Cameron inhale unsteadily.  Before he could give it a second thought, he brushed her long hair off her shoulder and bent his head to kiss her collarbone.

When she'd finished, Jack said nothing.  A moment passed and....
He still said nothing.
Then he fixed his gaze on her and stalked across the room.
Cameron braced herself.  With that kind of look in his eyes, he was either going to kill her or--
He kissed her.  Hot, demanding sweeps of his tongue against hers.  When he dragged his mouth away they were both out of breath.

She caught the glint in his eyes and reached for him just as his mouth came down on hers.
She expected Jack's kiss to be hard, angry, even but instead it was just....wicked.

(David Gandy is my model for Jack)

What do you think of Jack Pallas?

Thanks to Missie for hosting this meme!


Jan von Harz said...

Love all the smoldering tension between Jack and Cameron I am surprise the book didn't burst into flames as hot as these scenes are. Great quotes and I love Gandy's predatory eyes and dark scowl. Wishing that that something "wicked" this way cometh!

Nomes said...

well, i just grinned my way through that ;)

weirdly, the last pic is my fave (weird as it is the most clothed one ;)

nic, love these posts :)

Abbey said...

drooling! i have to read this book.
I think i may already have it on kindle.
Jack sounds so sexy, those pictures and quotes have sold me!

Belle said...

He likes to read AND rides a motorbike?! Gah. Love those pics and quotes! Oh yes, I'm very happy this book is coming my way.

Alix said...

Swoon! Oh I LOVED that last quote.

Leanna Elle said...

Oh, David Gandy! Love how he smoulders! :)

Jenny said...

That's your Jack Pallas? OH MY GOSH! I need to read that book all over again picturing this yumminess. I've said it before, but your taste in men is ridiculously good Nic. I love your posts every week!

Anonymous said...

Ok so I almost fell over dead when I scrolled down and saw those muscles in my face with that first picture!!!!



Missie, The Unread Reader said...

LOL! "tall, dark and scowling" That a new way to describe a f**khot guy.

And I shouldn't admit this but those quotes have me tingling! Wow! Please lock me in a room with him anytime.

Savannah said...

Shower pick makes me hot! *fans self* Holy! WOW! I must read this book like now!!

Jennifer said...

I have this somewhere in my TBR tower. Need to pull it out soon! Jack sounds super yummy!

Jade said...

Wooo, those quotes are kind of sexy and intimate and I like! Love the description of Jack, sounds GREAT, and the guy whose the representation is beyond HOT. Lovely pick!

Rummanah Aasi said...

I wouldn't mind being in a locked room. Nope, not at all! Love those quotes and pics, Nic. You really know how to pick them!

Lesley said...

Julie James writes such yummy male characters that you can't help but fall in love with. I also loved FBI agent Nick in A Lot Like Love he was equally hot. How utterly gorgeous is David Gandy?

Jenny N. said...

OMG so gorgeous! And I love the model you picked for Jack.

Anonymous said...

Jack's a good pick!
I really liked him and he's definitely hero material!!

Bailey said...

Mmmmmmmm scrumptious! I need to pick up this book!! =D

A Canadian Girl said...

Those pictures really match the way you described Jack! *scrolls back up to keep staring at David Gandy*

Jacinda (The Reading Housewives) said...

I think I'm in LOVE with Jack! The review with the book boyfriend have me itching to pick this book up!

And a "wicked" kiss...yum!

Book Passion for Life said...

Oh. Gandy Candy! Yuuum! This is an awesome. David Gandy is perfect by the sounds of it. He's my Barrons as well :) nice pick Nic!

Lucy (The Secret Life of Books) said...

I adore that last picture. nom nom nom! Those are some pretty awesome kissing scenes ;)

(Be sure to check out my giveaway!)

Melissa (Books and Things) said...


Oh my...

*fans self*

I need to read it. And what do I think? I think I need to steal him. ;) lol

Great pics!! Yum!

Amy said...

My-oh-MY! Love those quotes and your choice this week!

Here's mine:

Anonymous said...

I love Jack Pallas and I like the guy of your choice. "Something about you" was a great read and my favorite quote from the book describing Jack is "More like a chocolate molten lava cake. A dessert so sinful, so luscious, so filled with inner heat it made a girl want to lick each and every crumb right off the plate. That was Jack Pallas."

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