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Friday, October 22, 2010

I love these books.  I tend to read them over and over again and they still hold the same magic as the first time.

The way the story unravelled was amazing.  Such a complex plot that constantly surprised me.  I love so many of Marchetta's books but this is my absolute favourite.  You will find no other book like it!

The Hunger Games

This book blew my mind. When I finished reading it I couldn't get it out of my head. Such a pulse pounding read. This book lived up to all the hype and more. Katniss would have to be one of my favourite characters of all time - strong willed, clever and brave. This series is not to be missed!

Harmonic Feedback

What an amazing debut novel about friendship, love and music. It is a beautifully written story filled with characters that capture your heart. A book that I didn't want to put down.

Not only is this a beautiful story about letting go and falling in love, it is just as beautiful on the inside.  It is filled with postcards, photos, journal entries, receipts, playlists, quotes, menus.  Another amazing debut of 2010!

What books do you find irresistible?


Cass said...

I've been wanting Harmonic Feedback for a while. I was SO close to ordering a copy a few days ago, but didn't have the money. :( Detour looks good. I also don't have a copy of it. I've heard it's amazing though!

And of course The Hunger Games & On the Jellicoe Road. Great picks. ;)

Vee said...

I'm right there with you on the re-reading for Jellicoe Road (this is definitely one of my all time favourite books), and The Hunger Games.

I've yet to check out Harmonic Feedback and Amy and Roger's epic detour, but I've heard such good things about them! They look like amazing stories :)

Lovely list.

Christine said...

I just found your blog through FF! I can´t believe I haven´t stumbled on it earlier! But I´m definetly following you now!
Love the Hunger Games Trilogy. One of the best out there in my opinion!

Have a great weekend!

@Reading on the Dark Side

Nic @ Irresistible Reads said...

@ Cass - Harmonic Feedback suprised me at how good it was. I hopefully will have a review for it up soon as well as Amy & Roger's Epic Detour.

@ Vee - Hi. Just check out your blog. Very nice :) Marchetta is a truly amazing writer!

@ Christine - Thanks for stopping by :)

Nomes said...

Oh - I agree! I haven't read Roger and Amy but have pre-ordered the paperback. Can't wait!

A.J. said...

Ahh! I love all these books!! Definitely irresistible reads for me. :D

Alix said...

Oh I LOVE Harmonic Feedback, I wish it was more widely known. Mine are Saving Francesca, His Dark Materials Trilogy and The Truth About Forever.

Evanne Lorraine said...

I love reading about favorite books, I have a hard time narrowing down my lists :D

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