Talk To Me Tuesday #3

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Talk to Me Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by one of my favourite blog I Swim For Oceans where we will discuss anything (and everything) literary-related in an open forum of honesty.  If you are interesting in participating make sure to go I Swim For Oceans and link your post.

This weeks discussion is:  What genre do you read and why?

That is a hard question as I pretty much read all genres.  I think it comes down to being a well written story, full of believable characters together with an interesting plot.  But contemporary and paranormal would be my favourite two (and complete opposites).

My favourite thing about contemporary fiction is the characters.  They tend to be more realistic and my heart tends to get more invested in the story.  While paranormal is a good escape from reality.  I love all the action and adventure.  I find it generally has a faster moving plot making it unputdownable.

Some favourite paranormal titles:

Some favourite contemporary titles:

I struggle most with fantasy and sci-fi.  The world building tends to be heavy and I lose interest quickly.  There are certainly some books in those genres that I enjoy but overall I don't read a lot of them.  So if you have any suggestions that I must try let me know!

What genre do you prefer? What are some of your favourite paranormal and contemporary titles?

Thank you to Melissa at I Swim For Oceans for hosting this meme. 


brave chickens said...

OMG, I absolutely agree with you about Fantasy and SciFi! Your reason also rings true for me. I guess one reason why I like the Maximum Ride series (SciFi) is only because it takes place in the real world, so readers can get to the plot and characters quicker. :)

Misha said...

I read a lot of genres actually. Earlier I would read just adult titles in literary fiction, historical fiction and women's fiction. Since last year , I have discovered some great YA books as well, especially in the contemporary genre.

Julie said...

Yes, I loved Unearthly! It's on my list of faves. I'm trying to get into more contemporary. I just purchased Anna and the French Kiss. I struggle with Sci-fi, too. I liked Across the Universe. But that's as sci-fi as I get! BTW...I like your quote from Shadow Hills. That's an awesome book! I can't wait for the sequel.

Ashley @ Bookaholics Anonymous said...

I agree with the sci-fi thing. I think those are probably the hardest books for me to get into. The lord of the rings, and some others I couldn't read. (Those are sci fi right?)I can't even watch the movies. I lean more towards the paranormal books, but lately I've bought alot of the comtemporary books (fixing delilah was one of those I read and loved)

Anonymous said...

I love both of those genres as well. I read less paranormal though even with its popularity I get burned out really fast on vampires and werewolves. I think I like the realistic stuff better due to relating to the characters better...:)

Melissa (i swim for oceans) said...

I really enjoy fantasy and sci-fi, but I can see what you mean. World-building is extremely tricky to balance in such stories, and it doesn't always work. For example, both Incarceron and Intertwined were too much, too soon for me. There are some really great stories that world though, like Life As We Knew It.

What I love about book blogging is the fact that you can branch out from your comfort zones and find great books in other I'm reading more contemps based on your recommendations!

Thanks for participating again, Nic! :)

Jenny said...

You and me both Nic! I definitely read more paranormal, but I've really been enjoying the contemporary titles I've picked up recently, so I need to add more of those. I of course adore the Morganville Vamps and Unearthly, and Anna and the French Kiss was amazing. Fabulous picks:) In paranormal, I also really like the Iron Fey books, that's a series that got better and better for me.

Missie, The Unread Reader said...

One reason I love visiting your blog is because of the fact that you read a variety of genres.

Even though I feel that I've put a lot of Contemp under my belt recently, it is still a new genre for me. I resisted it for so long because I love PNR, and the world building. Like you said, I love that escape it provides. I have found that when you read contemp, sometimes the character development is so good, it slaps you in the face with your own issues that need to be resolved and instead of escaping you are evaluating. And that can sometimes be overwhelming.

I haven't read any of these books that you have listed as your favorites, still, I have come to take suggestions from you very seriously, so off I go to add them to the TBR.

Small Review said...

I can see why you'd enjoy both paranormal and contemporary. Paranormal is a good bridge between fantasy and contemps. You get the contemporary world so you're not bogged down with world building, but you also get fantasy creatures.

I actually really love fantasy. In most of them, after you've read a few you pretty much have the foundation of all fantasy worlds so there's less of a learning curve after a while :P

Jenny N. said...

I know I don't read enough contemporary and tend to gravitate towards paranormal and urban fantasies. Even most of the books I buy are paranormal/UF/fantasy. With paranormals they're more exciting with lots of action that I don't find in contemporaries.


I loved Glass Houses and plan to read the rest of the series. I also liked Crave, you really need to read that one. It's about a vamp. I can't think of any other paranormal YA titles I've read. Lots of adult.

I have Unearthly, Anna and the French Kiss, Amy and Rogers Epic Detour, 13 Little Blue Envelopes all sitting waiting to be read.

Oh, I have heard of a new book by a writer over there you might like-Bibliophile Brouhaha loves her work. Saltwater Vampires by Kirsty Eager there may be an s on the end. She also wrote Raw Blue which BB loved. I'd get both but shipping is cost prohibitive, more than the books. Let me know if you try them and like them.


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