Beatle Meets Destiny

Friday, December 3, 2010

Imagine your name is John Lennon, only everyone calls you Beatle.
And then you meet your dream girl and her name is Destiny McCartney.
But what if you're already with the perfect girl?
A novel about change, chance and everybody doing the wrong thing.

My Review:-

Favourite Quote: 'You know what they say about mistakes though,' she said, all breathy and half-lipsy.  'It's the only way you ever learn anything.'  And she leant forward and kissed him.  Right there, in the middle of the bar.  Right there, in the middle of his lips.

This book marches to it's own beat! Beatle Meets Destiny is a little bit quirky, completely original but absolutely brilliant.

Right from the start this book was was a lot of fun.  In the first chapter we learn Beatle has a twin who was born on a different day in a different year (I know what you are thinking it makes no sense but trust me it does).  This book made me laugh so hard I am glad that I wasn't reading it in public. 

Not only do you laugh but you get caught up in the emotional mess of Beatle and Destiny's lives.  Making you want to savour every word but at the same time rush to the end to know that everything is going to work out okay.

Beatle, I didn't expect to love him as much as I did.  I mean the guy has a girlfriend (who is super nice) and he is kissing another girl.  But Beatle was a little bit different in a good way (he had this strange quirk about Friday 13th), he is witty and of course handsome.  And the whole kissing another girl thing well I completely understood why Beatle did it.  

Destiny, is the artistic type who is up for anything kind of girl (she applied for a stalker position!).  She also is a little bit quirky in her own way (she writes star signs for a local magazine and based on  her large and crazy family).  They are both really hard to describe but are impossible not to love.  

And the secondary character they were just as well developed and as interesting.  I especially liked Beatle sister,  Winsome with her snarky attitude.  I am hoping William's writes a book about her.

There were also some funny conversations that brought back lots of memories for me that Destiny had with her best friends about signs in any given situation.  'If I see a yellow car in the next five minutes that means Josh likes me'.  Also listing all the reason why he possibly didn't call 'I know what happened,' Mathilde said, clicking her fingers again.  'He's had a terrible accident and can't call because he's broken his hands'.  I couldn't help but laugh because when I was a teenager, my friends and I would have the exact same conversation.  So I do think Williams has captures teen life perfectly.

Overall this is an outstanding book that everybody needs to read!

Rating: 5/5

Cover info: The red cover is the Hardcover US edition.  I like it but I prefer the above paperback copy more because I think it appeals to guys as well.  Just like this story.

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Nomes said...

wow Nic - such a great review. I loved all the girls conversations too. they were just so much fun and very teenager-y. I can't wait to read her next book!

So glad you loved this - and also pumped it's available in the US! (and being made into a movie - yay)

Tina (Book Couture) said...

Awesome review, Nic! I've read and loved this book too, and like you, I enjoyed the funny side of it too.

OMG, will there really be a movie too? I'm so excited! I can imagine Michael Cera as Beatle...

Alexa said...

Great review. I loved this book too, so much fun. The twin thing was brilliant as was the teen girl conversations. I thin there was one about leg shaving that made me giggle.

Alison said...

I haven't heard anything about this book. It sound very interesting. It sounds like something that could be done very badly...I'm glad it actually worked.

Skyetikei said...

I've heard of this book before. After this great review, I may have to go get my hands on a copy of it.

Sean Grey Hanson said...

I do enjoy reading this book. Such a tangled mess, the characters were really cool to read about. So much fun to read.
Book Channels

Vee said...

Such an awesome review, Nic! You've made me all nostalgic for this book. It's so, so, so amazing.

bibliophile brouhaha said...

This is a fantastic review, Nic! Going into the Roundup, it is! I hadn't heard of it before - do I live under a rock?

That quote you picked out - love it! It's naughty and flirty and fun. Good choice ;)

Linds, bibliophile brouhaha

Nic @ Irresistible Reads said...

Thanks for all the comments. Beatle Meets Destiny has firmly found a place in my favourites shelf.

Lindsi - It is an Aussie title so it hasn't got the attention it deserves yet overseas. But at least it is available over there.

bibliophile brouhaha said...

Hmm, well I will have to pick it up then since it is available here - cheers!

I've been loving the Aussie titles lately ;)

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