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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Alexa at Not Enough Bookshelves is doing a Christmas Countdown of her favourite couples.  Some of my favourites have already been featured - Lennie and Joe from The Sky is Everywhere and Sam and Grace from Shiver.  Both those couples have a beautiful soulmate kind of connection.

There are lots of guest posts and amazing giveaway where you can win three books (how awesome is that!) from Alexa's Top Ten Couples List.  It is opened to everyone that TBD ships to. 

Here are some other couples I love :-

Claire and Shane from Morganville Vampires Series - These two make me laugh with their witty banter.  They have sizzling chemistry and always look out for each other. 

Amy & Roger from Amy & Roger's Epic Detour - This is one of those romance that is slow building and is absolutely beautiful to watch.

Amelia & Chris from Good Oil - This couple is more friendship than romance but these two make me smile.  It's such an honest portrayal of first love.

My list could go on and on.....

So I encourage you all to visit Alexa at her wonderful blog Not Enough Bookshelves and see if your favourite couple is on the list.  While you are there don't forget to enter Alexa's GIVEAWAY.

Thank you Alexa for letting me join in on the Christmas fun!


Nomes said...

I picked Good Oil too :) Haven't read the other two yet :)

I have a post coming up on her blog (finally did it! LOL) and I struggled choosing - but in the end went with a non-Aussie couple - for familiarity :)

loved reading this. i might do one on my blog too...

Alexa said...

Oooh great post, that's added to my TBR list!

Thanks for the link :)

Melissa said...

I love your list :)

I'd for sure have to put Maggie and Caleb from Leaving Paradise on my list!

Jenny said...

I really need to read the Morganville Vampire series, I want to know all about this fabulous couple! I've heard such good things about them and I want to be in the loop!

Vee said...

Ahhh, what kills me is that I haven't read any of these!! But I definitely wish I had. Especially Amy and Roger's Epic Detour.

Could I vote Taylor and Jonah from Jellicoe Road, for my favourite? Hmm, I should take a look at Alexa's contest.

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