Waterfall Wednesday - Week 4 - Chapters 18-23

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Waterfall Wednesday is a weekly event hosted by Tina's Book ReviewEdgy Inspirational RomanceSupernatural SnarkThe Unread Reader and me.  For the period August 31st to September 28th each week we re-read chapters from Waterfall by Lisa Tawn Bergren and answer five questions.  To find out more on this awesome event visit Tina's Books Reviews

1. Gabi and Lia both face several life and death situations in these chapters, having to pick up weapons in defense of those they love and experiencing first hand the brutality of close combat. If you had the choice between picking up a weapon and standing on the front lines or staying behind to tend to the wounded as necessary, which would you choose?

Hmmm....I don't think I would like to sit behind and not know what is happening to the ones I love but I think I am more of a carer than a fighter.  So I would stay behind and care for the wounded.

2. Both girls get to wear extraordinary gowns to their victory celebration; what would your dream medieval gown look like?

Something elegant yet striking in a beautiful shade of purple.

3. Gabi has crude stitches put in and must endure both their removal as well as the cauterization of the wound. How is your threshold for pain? Do you think you would have simply gritted your teeth as Gabi does?

Yes I think so in the circumstances.  I am not too bad with pain.  I handle modern day stitches, needles etc well.

4. Marcello wants to properly court Gabi after they express mutual feelings of affection, wanting to speak with her mother about his intentions. What do you think is the most romantic aspect of medieval courtship?

The most romantic aspect of the relationship back then would be how special a simple kiss is.  It would pretty much mean you are in love and want to spend forever together.

5. Gabi and Lia find themselves with conflicting desires toward the end with Lia wanting to return home and Gabi hoping to stay. Do you think that Gabi is being unfair to Lia for wanting to stay, or is Lia being unfair to Gabi for demanding they go? A little of both?

A little of both.  I don't think either option is fair to either girl.  That is a hard one to comprise on because true love is hard to fine but family is also the most important thing.

Thanks to Jenny from Supernatural Snark for this week's questions.
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Here are next week's questions:

1.  After Gabi is injured, the doctor gives her a tonic.  Gabi questions the doctor several times what is in it but he refuses to tell.  Would have you taken the tonic in Gabi situation?

2.  Before the games Gabi asks Lia to let Lord Forabosch win in the archery event as people especially Lord Forabosch are becoming suspicious of them.  But during the games Lord Forabosch upsets Lia trying to throw her off her game. So Lia decides to win.  Do you think she did the right thing by not letting Lord Forabosch bully her or do you think she took an unnecessary risk?

3.  When Gabi is dying and she and Lia decide to return to the tombs so they can get the cure at home but they have to tell Marcello the truth.  Even though Marcello thinks that it is madness that they are from the future he believes in Gabi because he loves her.  Do you think this is believable?  What would you have done if you were Marcello?

4.       In the end Gabi and Lia return home.  Do you think Gabi will return to Marcello? Would you go back?

5.  Looking back at Waterfall what was your favourite moment?

*** I may be a little late with replying to comments due to the fact that I haven't been well.  But I will return them in the next few days.


Savannah said...

I love all of these questions!!
I would love a purple medieval dress! And also I wouldn't be able to stay behind, I would care for the wounded as well.

As far as pain, I am good with it. Id most likey cry, but I take it.

Can't wait to hear next weeks answers!

Jenny said...

Serena just brought to my attention that Lord Greco's color is purple, that wouldn't have anything to do with your decision to wear a purple gown now would it Nic? GRECO! I agree on #5, I don't envy either girl their decision, that would have been an impossible one to make!

Julie said...

Good answers. Looking forward to next week although sad that all the fun has to come to an end! Hope you feel better quickly!

Anonymous said...

Yeah Nic what Jenny said- did you choose the purple for Greco...because sorry only a Greco girl can wear purple and that would be Lady Tina......

Great questions for next week...our last one...*CRIES*

Missie said...

Loving the questions for next week! You have given me a lot to think about.

I admire your ability to handle pain. A couple of month ago, I had an accident that ripped my toe nail off. I tried the whole day and every time I saw my missing toe nail. Okay, that was TMI, huh?

And you're so sneaky. I'd have to steal all the purple material made in that time and keep it for myself.

Hope you feel better soon. :)

Jacinda (The Reading Housewives) said...

I love purple and purple dresses!!!

yay for stolen kisses!

Lisa said...

A purple dress would be so gorgeous!!!

It would be a hard decision deciding whether to go or stay considering they both have valid reasons. One of them has to give in and be the sacrifice. I'm glad I don't have to make that decision.

Melissa (Books and Things) said...

Oh purple! I would love that too!

I think I'm good with the pain too, but I could not watch as they sewed me up. Watching the skin pull would bother me more than the blood or pain. Yes, I know I'm weird. I loved your answers this week. I think you'd make a great caretaker!

Melissa (Books and Things) said...


Bailey said...

Oooh I would LOVE a medieval gown in purple. I can picture the dress now. =)

IdentitySeeker said...

Ooh! Purple sounds nice:) I was recently told that purple's my colour, so I'm kind of wishing I'd also chosen a purple dress as a response to this week's question. I guess I just thought purple was too complicated a colour to have been discovered at that time. I chose a red- another favourite. I also wouldn't have been able to sit back and bear the torture of not knowing the condition of my family, but I think I would've been too chicken to go the front lines, so I guess I would rather nurse the wounded:)

Until next week!


Aylee said...

Aw, I love the specialness of a simple kiss too. Great questions for next week! (I just finished Waterfall!)

A Canadian Girl said...

Ooo, yes, purple is my favourite colour too and it's the colour of royalty :) Or I'd go with a classic black gown.

Rebecca (RivkaBelle) said...

Yay for purple! :o)

Aww, feel better! I've been kinda "meh-ugh-eh" myself.

Great concluding questions!

Jen (In the Closet With a Bibliophile) said...

I did love how a simple kiss meant so much. It's amazing how that tiny little kissing scene can make a girl sweat! LOL.

I'm definitely more of a fighter than a carer. Hopefully that doesn't say something bad about me. :D

abbey said...

i must read this series asap!
your book boyfriends sold me

Alyssa@Teens Read and Write said...

I'd love to wear one of the gowns. Great choice on the purple! The true love vs family choice would be tough.

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