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Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanks to my awesome friend, Nomes over at Inkcrush I was tagged for this blog award.

So now I get to pass on ten things about me that you don't know:

1. I can not click my fingers.  I don't know why it won't work for me.

2. I am afraid of not spiders or snakes (I don't have a problem with either of them) but FROGS.  Yes the green slimy jumpy kind.  I scream and run away like the girl I am when I see one.

3. I have no middle name.  My first name is Nichole (but I get called Nic) and was always jealous of the kids who had middle names for some reason.  Now that I am older I don't mind.

4. My mother and her family are from Germany. 

5. I have only ever seen snow once.  It was in Paris and I thought is was so beautiful until I went outside and it was freezing.  And when we went to leave Paris our flight got grounded because of the snow and we had to spend the whole day waiting for our flight.  I am definitely a hot weather girl.

6. I love snorkeling.  I have been lucky enough to snorkel in Fiji and Thailand and it is one of the best experiences in my life.    That picture to above is one of the places in Thailand I went snorkeling.

7. On the same subject, when I was kid I was swimming in the ocean when there was a shark siting (there would always be at least one).  I froze and the shark swam past my and touched my legs.  My sister had to drag me out of the water.  We later found it is was a certain type of shark that wasn't dangerous.

8. I was once in an all girl rock band although we never got out of the garage.

9. Six degrees to Brad Pitt (well less than 6).  Back in 1989 part of The Delinquents was filmed on my street when I was a kid.  I met Charlie Schlatter who dated Jennifer Aniston who married Brad Pitt. It makes my crush on Brad Pitt seem less impossible.

10.  One of my relatives was an Australian contortionist aka rubber man who could bend his body to fit into a box.

I am tagging: AJ at Collections, Kare at Epic Book Nerd and Alexa at Not Enough Bookshelves.


Elaine said...

Awesome post!

Julia :) said...

Wow you've traveled all over the world! That is sooo cool. :)

Loved reading this. The Brad Pitt one was especially hilarious!

Nomes said...

i loved reading all this! we had a frog stick in out letter box for three days. it freaked me out, sitting in there :)

love the six degrees to brad Pitt. and i laughed that you cannot click your fingers (sorry! LOL) I have been trying to teach my kids how to - it's really hard to explain it.

that pic reminds me of The beach (leonardo Dicaprio movie) :)

waht instrument do you play?

LOL @ your rubber man relative :)

Loved reading all this


A.J. said...

Click? Like, snap your fingers? I can do both hands, but I'm way better with my left hand.

I'm definitely a hot weather girl too (well, more like warm weather). I mean, snow is nice to look at, but it's too cold. X(

Snorkeling sounds cool. And at those places? So awesome! It would be nice to try it one day.

A shark? o_o Nic, how can you go swimming around with sharks, but run away from frogs? heheh Just messing.

Great post! Btw, I'll be doing my post soon! And you gave me some ideas of what I could include. :)

Nic @ Irresistible Reads said...

Thanks for the comments.

@ Nomes - Maybe you should try and teach me! I played the bass guitar in the band. But as a kid I tried violin and piano but I never stuck with them.

@ AJ - I know it is a strange fear but they jump at you! Can't wait to read you post :)

Alexa said...

Haha I can only click my fingers with my left hand which is odd as I am right handed!

I love number 7, how you causally put in brackets (there was always at least one)!!!!! Nothing would have gotten me in that water, or in the sea every again of a SHARK brushed past my legs!

Great list I shall have fun doing mine, thanks :)

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